Something Amazing Happened at the Orange Is the New Black Event OrangeCon Last Night

Scrap your weekend plans.

If you attended the Orange Is the New Black fan event OrangeCon in New York City yesterday, then you received an amazing surprise. (And now we’re all benefiting from it!)

The entire new season of OITNB is currently streaming on Netflix. Right now. At this very moment. (It’s time to scrap your Friday night plans.)

During the OrangeCon cast panel, Uzo Aduba (who plays “Crazy Eyes” in the series) video chatted Netflix head Reed Hastings and asked him what they should premiere at OrangeCon. “One episode? … Two episodes? … What if we showed them the whole season?” she asked, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And that’s when fans went completely bananas. All 12 episodes of the show’s highly-anticipated third season hit the Internet a full six hours in advance. As if we needed another reason to love the OITNB cast. Happy marathoning!