A Complete Timeline of Rihanna and Drake’s On-Again Off-Again Rihlationship

Aubrih forever.

Rihanna and Drake’s romance is a storied one. Their bowling alley flirtation-turned-fling-turned-friendship-turned-relationship-turned-TBD has been highly publicized since it first began in 2009. And yet, it’s unclear when or if they were ever truly official.

If gossip sites and anonymous sources can be trusted (and in this case, they’re our bible), Rihanna and Drake’s rihlationship history goes something like this: Boy meets girl. Girl thinks boy is cute. Boy falls in love with girl and writes various songs referencing her. Girl gets annoyed, tells boy to go away and takes sexy pictures by the beach.

We put together a complete timeline of Aubrih’s relationship—whatever it may be today—because let’s face it, fans have written their names in the stars and are rooting for them to be together *forever*. Take a trip down Drihanna memory lane here, but first, rihfresh your memory with our video of their relationship.

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