These Memes Perfectly Capture Why “All Lives Matter” Isn’t an Appropriate Response to “Black Lives Matter”

"Where was 'All Lives Matter' from 1619 to 1968?"

Black Lives Matter, the hashtag-turned-movement founded by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors, is largely misunderstood. Many have mistakenly blamed the movement for promoting violence against police, unfairly holding it responsible for tragedies such as the Dallas police officers shooting. Others think there’s a hidden “more” at the end of Black Lives Matter—a thinking that has, in part, inspired the All Lives Matter response. But what these people fail to realize is that though All Lives Matter is an extension of Black Lives Matter, it’s not at all an appropriate response to it.

One of the guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter movement is the notion of justice for all. “We are committed to collectively, lovingly and courageously working vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension all people,” the BLM site reads. Some have forgotten, though, that even though all people deserve justice, not everyone ends up getting justice. It’s for this reason that Black Lives Matter was formed in the first place: to shine a light on systemic racism and its continuous affects on the Black community.

All Lives Matter is an obvious statement, but unfortunately, its truth in 2016 is up for debate. If all lives matter, why are innocent Black men and women getting killed by the police? If all lives matter, why is justice not being served to those who kill innocent Black men? If all lives mattered, everyone would be able to live equally and freely, and hypothetically, there would be no need for a Black Lives Matter movement. Would there?

We pulled some tweets and memes that capture why “All Lives Matter” isn’t an appropriate response to “Black Lives Matter.” There’s nothing like a good ol’ metaphor to prove your point. Check out these woke memes here.

Watch people of all races get candid about their interactions with the police in the video below.

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