7 Takeaways from Bernie Sanders’ DNC Speech

We felt the Bern one last time.

By Brenden Gallagher

After a hard fought primary that exposed major rifts in the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid finally came to an end Monday night. Gone was the speculation by pundits that Sanders might take his revolution, and the millions of voters who have followed him, past the primary, hampering Hillary Clinton’s election chances. Instead, Sanders was honorable and gracious in defeat because there is a bigger fight ahead. He walked a fine line as he offered up a passionate endorsement of Secretary Clinton while reiterating the principles that have animated his campaign. But more importantly, he gave his supporters one last message of hope to carry them into a future without inspirational Bernie Sanders speeches and Larry David SNL cameos. Here are 7 Takeaways from Bernie Sanders’ DNC Speech.

Former Nevada State Assemblywoman talks to VH1’s Carri Twigg about the email controversy regarding Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Senator Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention.

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