5 Reasons Why Sarah Silverman Was Right To Call The Bernie Or Bust Crew Ridiculous

She didn't deserve to get booed.

On Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention (July 25), there was a very apparent dissonance in the Wells Fargo Arena between the “Stronger Together” signs many delegates waved around and screams of dissatisfaction that came from Bernie Sanders supporters. Whenever a speaker had something positive to say about Hillary Clinton (Aside from Queen First Lady Michelle Obama, of course), they were met with a chorus of boos.

So when comedienne, activist and vocal Bernie supporter, Sarah Silverman, came onstage with the message of party unity, she received some serious pushback from the Bernie or bust faction in the room. Well, apparently Sarah was so surprised by the booing from the crowd that she went off script and said, “Can I just say to the Bernie or bust people: You’re being ridiculous.”

You can watch her entire speech below.

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