5 Things Men Can Learn About Supporting Their Leading Ladies From Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech

C'mon fellas, get in formation!

By Claire Downs

It was the moment convention-goers had been waiting for all week: the arrival of Former President and future First Husband, Bill Clinton to the DNC stage. Taking the podium like the Democratic rockstar he is, Bill made one thing clear: this election cycle is not about him. During his powerful and deeply personal speech, Bubba told adorable stories of the Clintons’ early courtship, boasted about Hill’s achievements, and faced the haters head on.

But beyond tear-inducing memories from Hillary’s decades-long career, another theme emerged: Bill’s unending support of Hillary’s ambitions throughout their 41-year marriage. As one-half of a power couple and the face of male feminists everywhere, Bill has a lot to teach men about how to stand by their women in an equal and dynamic partnership. Because as Cheryl Sandberg says in Lean In “Nothing is sexier” than a man “who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious.”

Here are 5 things men can learn about supporting your woman. Play us in, Bubba!

  • Brag About Her Wins

    Sure – it might embarrass your girl, but you’ve gotta acknowledge her achievements. For the duration of the future First Gentleman’s 40-minute speech, he filled the time praising his lady’s massive commitment to helping those in need. After reminding the audience of Hill’s innovative preschool readiness program, he beamed, “She did all of this while being a full-time worker, a mother, and enjoying our life. Why? Well, she is insatiably curious, she’s a natural leader, she’s a good organizer, and the best darn change-maker I have ever met in my entire life.”

  • Take Turns and Make Sacrifices

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    Throughout the Clintons’ political careers, they’ve each had to take turns pursuing positions with demanding hours, vigorous travel schedules, and moments in the spotlight. A true power couple knows how to share responsibilities and lend a helping hand when necessary. Other times, personal sacrifice is an important component to supporting bae as she achieves her goals. When talking about raising Chelsea together, Bill remarked “My daughter had the best mother in the whole world.” But Bill gave his share of parenting as well – “I took time off to watch all six Police Academy movies with Chelsea.” Watching six awful 80s movies back to back (each with a Rotten Tomatoes rating under 41%) just so Hill can have time to work on her dreams – now that’s true sacrifice!

  • Throwing Shade in Her Defense is Sexy AF

    When your significant other is putting in extra hours, working a side hustle, and killing herself all in the name of her dreams, there are bound to be haters. But a truly supportive man doesn’t let this slide. Even though you know boo can defend herself, it’s sexy and protective to throw some shade on her naysayers. Even though you know she can do anything she sets her mind to, it feels good to let the fuccbois on the other side know you’re not here for the slick talk aimed at your lady. Last night, Bill Clinton made reference to Donald Trump’s repeated mocking of the disabled, by promoting Hillary’s commitment to the rights of those with disabilities. He also made the distinction between the “cartoon” that Republicans paint Hillary as, versus “the real real one” – the woman Bill has watched actualize change for Americans: “The real one has done more positive change-making before she was 30 than many public officials do in a lifetime in office…Life in the real world is complicated and real change is hard and a lot of people even think it’s boring. Good for you, because earlier today, you nominated the Real One.” [image src="wp-attachment://274642" title="giphy-2" alt="giphy-2"

  • Be on the Same Team

    The best way to appreciate bae’s ambitions is to know that her achievements are your achievements. If she gets that big promotion, it’s a win for you both, since fulfilling her dreams is essential to her happiness. Last night, President Clinton said of their 41-year marriage, “We’ve been walking, talking, and laughing together ever since. And we’ve done it in good times and bad, through joy and heartbreak.” Recalling their long courtship, “I married my best friend. I was still in awe, after more than four years of being around her, at how smart and strong and loving and caring she was.”

  • Advocate For Women Everywhere

    Being a supportive dude is more than just throwing out a #WCW on Instagram once in awhile. It means taking the stance that women around the world should be opinionated, strong, and ambitious. It means listening to the hopes and dreams of her sister, her mother, and her female friends and never silencing them. And, it means standing up for equality when inequality presents itself. Bill was proud to tout his wife’s achievements in this arena saying, “She worked to empower women and girls around the world and to make the same exact declaration on behalf of the LGBT community in America and around the world.”

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