17 Ways the DNC Should Say Sorry to Bernie Sanders With a Song

Let the music do the apologizing, Dems.

As the Democratic National Convention revs up to full power in Philadelphia this week, much will be made about what songs get played, which may seem inconsequential, and the fact that the party owes a massive series of mea culpas to this election’s most dynamic surprise candidate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Throughout the campaign, it seemed like the Dems attempted to thwart and dismiss Bernie, who has always been a loyal and relentlessly hardworking party member, in order to assure the nomination of establishment choice Hillary Clinton. Recent email leaks confirm all such suspicions were accurate—and, in fact, the truth was worse than previously imagined.

Alas, now that the big show is up and running, the Dems need to be less actually donkey-like and first, admit their wrongdoing, and, secondly, humbly ask Bernie—along with his millions of devotees—for forgiveness. As music is a force that mends broken ties like no other, here now are our suggestions for the tunes Hillary and Company should use to woo Senator Sanders and his legions of progressives back under the blue state tent.

[item] “All Apologies” – Nirvana

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