Watch as Hillary Clinton Supporters Try Really Hard to Say One Nice Thing About Donald Trump

"His wigs got better."

The Democratic National Convention has taken over the City of Brotherly Love and as it turns out, there’s one person in particular who might not be feeling the love. After hearing thrilling speeches from Vice President Joe Biden, VP nominee Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama last night (when they all read Donald Trump for his messy brand of politics), it’s safe to say “The Donald” won’t be getting much brotherly love in the city this week.

VH1 headed down to Philadelphia to do some on-the-ground reporting of the DNC and while we were there, we had one burning question we just had to ask Hillary Clinton’s supporters: Can you name one nice thing about Republican nominee Donald Trump?

We asked the question, the people answered and what happened was truly a struggle—a hilarious one at that. Men and women alike fumbled for words, resorting to Trump’s offspring, hair and love of spray tans (?) for material. Some met the challenge, others didn’t, but those who did were *diplomatic*, if you will.

Watch Democrats visibly struggle to say one nice thing about Donald Trump in the video below.

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