Rob Kardashian’s Instagram Went *Poof* + More Celebrity Sorcery This Week

Bippity boppity blank.

Has this week felt weird to you? Have you stepped in gum more than usual? Did you trip walking into your office yesterday–even though you wore flats? Don’t worry, we feel the weirdness, too. But it has nothing to do with you. There is no bad karma in the air. The reason is simple: celebrity witchcraft.

Something is brewing over in Hollywood, and it’s chock-full of dark magic. The spells A-listers are casting have thrown off everyone’s energy, hence your current gum-in-shoe problem. These are the witchiest pop culture moments of the week. Once you read them, every s–ty thing that happened to you on Monday will make sense. The answer is always–without fail–witches.

  • Rob Kardashian’s Instagram went *poof.*

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    We were so excited to see Rob out and about on social media; however, some psycho fairy made all of his photos disappear this week. And get this: He unfollowed his fiancée and baby mama Blac Chyna! Trouble in paradise…or trolling?

  • Katy Perry, Chloe Grace Moretz and Demi Lovato formed an anti-Taylor Swift coven at the Democratic National Convention.

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    All three of these ladies, who have beefed with Lady Swift, attended the DNC. Coincidence…or witchcraft?

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    Amid allegations Mrs. Trump lied about her education background, her official website has disappeared from the Web. What is going on?!

  • Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate Tim Kaine morphed into Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

    OK, not really. But his impression of Mr. Trump was so spot-on, witchcraft has to be responsible.

  • A Blair Witch sequel is coming to theaters.

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    It was previous called The Woods, but it was revealed at Comic-Con to be a sequel.

  • Annnnd Lindsay Lohan might be pregnant.

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