Rachel Platten Reveals the Meaning Behind “Fight Song” in This Sneak from The 20

♬ Starting right now I'll be strong, I'll play my fight song ♬

This month’s You Oughta Know artist Rachel Platten didn’t know her “Fight Song” would one day become an anthem for cancer victims. But she’s happy that it has.

“I wrote [’Fight Song’] when I was going through a really hard time,” Rachel told The 20 host Shannon Coffey. “I needed a reminder, and I needed this declaration. … It was my fight song.”

In the sneak from this weekend’s coming The 20 episode, Rachel also reveals to Shannon the three things she needs to bring on tour with her, as well as what being our featured You Oughta Know artist means to her.

Find out more in the clip, and catch Rachel on her tour this summer.