Hillary Clinton’s Historic DNC Speech Sparks an Outbreak of Ugly Cry Face

They're with her!

By Brenden Gallagher

Hillary Clinton’s presidential aura is already peaking. The former FLOTUS continued her historic march to the White House by officially becoming the first woman to accept a major party’s nomination for president. During her moving speech on the closing night of the Democratic National Convention she was showing signs that she’s the logical choice in this election and her supporters were an emotional mess taking it all in.

Clinton is not a speaker known for her soaring oratory. She doesn’t have the ability to inspire with a phrase like Barack Obama. She lacks the easy charm of her husband. Hillary gave a reasoned, forceful speech on Thursday night, but it wasn’t her delivery that inspired us, it was the words she said, and the person saying them.

In typical Hillary fashion, Clinton hammered the issues, building a case not just against Donald Trump, but for a better America. She touched on foreign policy, police brutality, women’s rights, gun control, education, the economy, and more outlining a way forward on a litany of issues. She also carefully explained why a man with the incompetence, anger, and dishonesty of Donald Trump isn’t fit to lead the way forward.

At the end of the speech America was left inspired and crying uncontrollably because the historical impact of the moment was just too much to deal. Here’s how the Internet reacted to history.

Here’s what happened when VH1 asked people at the DNC to stay something nice about Donald Trump.

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