Watch Amber Rose Get Strangers to Talk About Their Orgasm Faces and Erogenous Zones in This Amber Rose Show Sneak Peek

Muva gets freaky.

What does your orgasm face look like? Where are your erogenous zones? These are questions you’d only talk about in private, right?

Not if your Amber Rose. In this Amber Rose Show sneak peek for Friday’s (July 29) episode, Muva hits the streets of Los Angeles to ask strangers some very personal questions. A few of the highlights? (Answer these questions yourself, too!)

  • “Who is your hall pass?”
  • “Point out your erogenous zone.” (Use a diorama of the human body for good measure.)
  • “Do your orgasm face.”
  • “Point out how long your partner can last in bed.”
  • “Is there one thing your partner does in the bedroom that you can do without?”
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