Watch The Altercation That Went Down When Tommie Allegedly Tried To Run Joseline Over With A Car

Must've been a cold day on Peter's Street.

During part one of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Tommie blatantly admitted to trying to run over Joseline Hernandez with a car a few months back. Now, we all know Tommie is a little off, which is why her admission really isn’t that shocking. This particular day on Peter’s Street is what allegedly led to Joseline taking out that restraining order on Tommie. In the video, Tommie is scene cursing Joseline TF out while Stevie tries to get Tommie to just go in the car. When Nina asks Joseline why did she wait so long to take out the restraining order, Joseline maintains that it wasn’t recent. Although the incident wasn’t caught on camera, photographer Freddy O captured the altercation after Tommie went all “Rosa” from Orange Is The New Black on Joseline.

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