Tyson Beckford and Amber Rose Discuss Morning Sex and Their Favorite Positions on the Amber Rose Show

Is Muva down for A.M. delight?

Amber Rose had international sex god Tyson Beckford on the Amber Rose Show Friday (July 29), and the two discussed–you guessed it–sex.

But not just your average birds and bees chatter. Rose and Beckford got into it, touching on everything from morning sex to their favorite positions.

“I do not like morning sex,” Rose said, to the dismay of Beckford. “Your breath is stankin’ in the morning….If I have a moment to get up and get cute and you can get cute, too…then, yes, I can do morning.”

Beckford’s reactions during all of this prove he likes a little A.M. delight himself, so there’s a fantasy picture for ya.

But it didn’t end there. Beckford asked Rose what her favorite position is, to which she responded “missionary.” “I feel like a lot of girls like it missionary but they never admit it because it just seems like you’re a lazy f-ck,” she said. Guilty as charged.

Watch more of the chat go down in the video above, and tune into the Amber Rose Show Fridays at 11/10c.