Jackie Apparently Thinks A Hula Hoop Is A Ski Trip Essential In This Basketball Wives LA Sneak Peek

"Can someone tell me why Jackie have a hula hoop?"

As the women settle in to their lodging for their ski trip, Jackie keeps her hula hoop by her side in this Basketball Wives LA sneak peek. Brandi, Malaysia and Duffey beat her to the best rooms, forcing her to share a room with Angel Love and Angel Brinks. It’s cool, though, because she gets a view of the water.

While the four of them are drinking and waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive, Jackie points out that other people will have to share rooms too since they only have four rooms and four more girls are coming. Without skipping a beat, Malaysia says they can sleep on the pullout couch. You can already tell her attitude will make for a drama-filled interesting vacation.

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