E.J. Johnson Talks Gender Fluidity and “Getting It In” On The Amber Rose Show


E.J. Johnson stopped by the Amber Rose Show Friday (July 29) and talked all things fashion and dating.

Johnson is known for bending gender fluid with his style choices, and many people have accused him of being transgender for it. However, Johnson doesn’t pay attention to the drama. He’s all about expressing himself in whatever way he damn well pleases.

“We’re having a really big revolution for the transgender community, which is everything, and it’s really wonderful,” he said. “But at the same time…it’s really just about being fluid. and if I want to wear menswear one day and womenswear another day, that’s just me expressing me.” Yaaaas! Amen to that. Watch the moment go down in the video below.

But of course Rose also got Johnson to open up about sex. The topic? Sex in New York vs. sex in Los Angeles. His verdict? Sex in NYC is much easier to find.

“You can go to New York and walk down the street and get it in,” he said. “Here, [in L.A.] there are games. There are loops. You have to go through a flaming hoop just to get some kind of anything.” Note to self: Never leave NYC.

The Amber Rose Show airs Fridays at 11/10c.