Amber Rose Thinks Mariah Carey Is a True Diva

Muva x Mimi

Amber Rose loves herself some Mariah Carey, and she made it very clear on Friday’s (July 29) episode of the Amber Rose Show.

At the beginning of her show, Rose touched on the news item about Carey walking into a restaurant in Italy to her own music. According to the show, someone in Carey’s entourage gave the restaurant an all-Mimi playlist. Carey also allegedly demands that her music is played at doctor’s appointments, parent teacher conferences and at other people’s concerts.

That’s not even the best part, though. “I know how to take a picture,” Rose said. “But one time I was at a party, and Mariah walks in and she has a full entourage of people that hold up a light this big in front of her face so every angle that she turns to, she has perfect warm lighting just in case somebody takes a picture.”

But don’t think this is shade. Rose lives for it. “I want to be Mariah when I grow up, ” Rose said. “She is a true diva.” Yes, she is!

Watch the clip above.

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