Britney Spears Just Pulled an “I Don’t Know Her” on Taylor Swift

Queen of memory lapses.

If you’re a GIF consumer, then you know Mariah Carey’s “I don’t know her” moment all too well. In the early 2000s, a journalist asked Carey her opinion on Beyoncé, and MiMi sang Bey’s praises. Directly following, the same reporter asked Carey her thoughts on Jennifer Lopez. Her response? “I don’t know her.” It’s one of the most iconic shade instances in history. An untouchable, icy moment that has no rival.

Until now. In a recent interview, Britney Spears pulled a similar “I don’t know her” moment on Taylor Swift–well, kinda. Spears’ quote is nowhere near as shady; however, that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

During a Monday (August 1) interview, Australia’s KIIS 106.5 DJs asked Spears who she would rather sit next to during a 24-hour flight: Swift or Katy Perry. Spears answered Swift, and her reasoning gives us serious Mimi vibes.

“I’ve briefly met Katy Perry at the Smurfs movie premiere,” Spears said. “Maybe because I’ve met Katy Perry I would say Taylor Swift, because I’ve never met her before.”

“I’ve never met her before.” Read that sentence closely. Now, look at this photo of Spears and Swift together at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

Getty Images

Now, here’s a throwback photo of a pre-fame Swift mingling with the Queen.

Clearly, Spears has met Swift, but she has no recollection of it. If that doesn’t scream “I don’t know her,” then what does? Oh, Brit…you never disappoint!

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