Rachel Roy Has Reportedly Been Hacked—Was It One (or All) of These Famous Beyoncé Fans?!

Becky with the good password.

Rachel Roy has reportedly been hacked—this, (reportedly) according to Rachel Roy.

Remember when Roy posted that post-Lemonade-debut Instagram with the caption, “Good hair don’t care”? The BeyHive took that and ran with it, accusing Roy of being the Becky With the Good Hair Beyoncé so beautifully sang about and casting a spell of bee emojis to flood Roy’s Instagram. TMZ is now reporting that a few days after her IG was Roy-ally spammed, Roy called the cops because her Gmail and iCloud accounts had been hacked and her cell number had mysteriously been changed.

“Beyoncé’s most rabidly loyal fans took things up a notch and hacked her one-time nemesis Rachel Roy … at least that’s where the clues are pointing the LAPD,” TMZ reports. Looks like the LAPD has their work cut out for them because the BeyHive is comprised of tens of millions of people. Let the interrogations begin.

In an age where cars drive themselves and you can literally deposit a check without actually being at the bank, it’s hard to believe that no one has found out who hacked Rachel Roy months after the hack apparently occurred. Nonetheless, we narrowed the list down to a select few Beyoncé stans because this Becky With the Good Hair story is the gift that keeps on giving.

Could the brains behind Becky With That Good Hack be…

  • Blue Ivy?


    News flash: Blue Ivy has a cell phone, as this picture might suggest. Kids these days are technologically savvy AF, and at the ripe old age of four, Blue could be responsible for one of the best hacking jobs since Edward Snowden.

  • Solange?

    Getty Images

    I mean, why else would she have attached a cell phone to her dress?

  • Kanye?

    Getty Images

    You know Kanye is Bey’s number one fan. He’s interrupted speeches for her. What’s stopping him from conducting an expert hack session for her, too?

  • Rihanna?

    Getty Images

    RiRi looks like she’s up to something in this picture—and by “something,” we mean “A+ phone hack takedown.”

  • Beyonce?

    Splash News

    Did Beyoncé hack Rachel Roy’s phone by way of Jay Z for, like, fun or something? Bey did tell us in Life Is But a Dream that she never goes anywhere without her laptop. You know what people occasionally use laptops for? Hacking.

In all seriousness, we hope the LAPD finds Roy’s phone hacker ASAP. This story is just too good not to have a proper conclusion.

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