These Hilarious Memes Show How Much Instagram Stories Is a Snapchat Rip-off

B**** stole my look!

Instagram is coming for Snapchat’s life.

The photo-sharing social media app just launched a new section, Instagram Stories, that is nearly identical to Snapchat. Users who play in IG Stories can upload photo and video content that will disappear after 24 hours. Sound familiar? It should, because that’s literally Snapchat’s primary function.

And the Internet is pointing out Instagram’s blatant idea-stealing in the form of hilarious, life-giving memes. Users are comparing Instagram’s robbery to everything from Melania Trump’s Michelle Obama-inspired speech to Scooby Doo! Whether or not IG Stories will have the power to dethrone Snapchat remains a mystery. Until then, we’ll revel in the b***-stole-my-look drama with a metaphorical bowl of popcorn. Join us, please.