#GoodMenTwitter Is Trending, but Women Are Confused

Where are they?

In today’s hashtag news, #GoodMenTwitter is trending, and it means exactly what you think it does. Men are coming out in droves patting themselves on the back for being good men. However, women are very confused by this–mostly because they don’t know where the hell the good men are.

Women have responded to the #GoodMenTwitter hashtag with both bewilderment and anger. They’re bewildered because, bish where? And they’re pissed because men don’t deserve women just because they are decent human beings. Please throw that male entitlement away, please. There’s no room for it here…or on Twitter.

Check out the best responses to the #GoodMenTwitter hashtag below, and tell us in the comments where you think the actual good men are.