Here to Kick off the 2016 VH1 Baelympics Is Brazilian Soccer Hottie Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

The Olympics never looked better.

Looks like August’s ruling planet is Venus, the planet of *love*, and things are specifically heating up for all of the Aquarius babes out there.

VH1 is partaking in this year’s 2016 Summer Olympics in the least sporty way we could conceive of: the 2016 VH1 Baelympics. We’re prescribing you a bae a day in our series, in which we’ll be highlighting the hottest male athletes competing at Rio de Janeiro this year. You know you watch the Olympics just as much to see Team USA slay as you do to see hot, sweaty, muscular men go for the gold—and in a moment of day-dreaming, your heart.

First up in the Baelympics lineup is 24-year-old Aquarius soccer powerhouse, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. Neymar hails from São Paulo, Brazil, which means he’ll be playing on his home turf this year. There’s nothing sexier than seeing a man in his element, am I right, ladies? Find out more about this ball-kicking bae below, and stay tuned to see which other Olympic-worthy babes we feature in the VH1 Baelympics.

  • He was destined for greatness.

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    Neymar grew up playing soccer in the street, as well as futsal, a modified version of the sport. He joined a youth club when he was about seven years old and quickly gained recognition throughout Brazil because of his talent. He’s been called a “national hero” and someone who can “lead his team to Olympic glory at last” by Sports Illustrated.

    Neymar credits his father, a former soccer player, with teaching him the rules of the game. “Whenever I could, I went with my father to training and matches so I grew up in that environment,” Neymar told Highsnobiety. “He was the one that taught me to play and gave me advice about football from when I was little.” Gotta love a man who loves his fam.

  • He was named one of the Top 25 Highest-Paid Athletes by Forbes.

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    Neymar landed at number 21 on Forbes’ Top 25 Highest-Paid Athletes of 2016 list and tied with Rafael Nadal after earning $37.5 million from his salary and endorsements. Forbes reports that Neymar is “the only active soccer player earning more off the field than on,” with $23 million of his earnings coming from endorsements. He has a playing contract worth $75 million over five years.

Follow Neymar on Instagram for more bae-tastic posts, and watch as VH1 staffers talk about the hottest Olympic athletes in the video below.

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