Orlando Bloom Is Totally Naked on Vacation With Katy Perry—and There Are Pics to Prove It

His beach body is in full *bloom* this summer.

Yo ho ho! Avast ye to this pirate’s booty.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are apparently on the baecation of their lives. The New York Daily News reports this afternoon that the two stole away to an Italian beach yesterday. The publication posted pictures of the two kissing, caressing, paddleboarding and helping each other apply sunscreen, as lovers tend to do. It also posted some very, ahem, revealing photos in which… Ah, screw it. ORLANDO BLOOM IS NAKED, PEOPLE.

The Daily News got a hold of 24—I repeat, TWENTY FOUR—photos of Orlando and Katy (Orlaty? Katando?) together, and he is fully exposed in NINE of them. The photos are censored, but they leave little to the imagination, though Orlando is wearing a hat and sunglasses despite not wearing any swim trunks, as if covering his eyes would prevent facial recognition.

I’m imagining Orlando turning to Katy and saying, “Hey, we should go skinny-dipping!” Her response was clearly no, as she’s seen in proper beach garb and even put on flippers and goggles at one point. Good move, girl.

Head on over to the NY Daily News to see the pics, which are admittedly pretty epic, for yourself.

Watch Sarah from Dating Naked Season 3 teach naked yoga in the clip below.

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