Tiarra Drops All the Details About Her New Husband and How Scrapp Told Her He’s Done with Tommie

"He’s like, I wish you had never had even had a baby by Scrapp. 'I’ll take care of your kids.'"

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tiarra stunned us all when she revealed she was pregnant, and then surprised us, again, with the reveal that she’s now married! The expectant mom opened up to VH1.com about her new relationship, her wedding, and where things stand with Scrapp, Tommie, and KK.

This was obviously a different type of reunion, and your first one. How did the reunion go?
Tiarra: Yeah, it was totally different but it went, for me it was pretty smooth. I would [have] liked to see more action, if that’s fair to say, but for me it was pretty smooth. I understand the reason as to why they did it this way, they took extra precautions [for safety]. But I enjoyed it, I enjoyed being able to finally sit down with some people I haven’t seen and I may have had some altercations with. It was really good just to see some people and hash out a couple of differences we may have had, it was pretty cool.

You ended up filming with Karlie and Jessica Dime. Was there anyone else you really wanted to sit down with?
Those were the only two so I guess that’s what I meant by saying I was kind of hoping for it to be a little more action. I would have liked to have shot personally with KK, so she and I can get some stuff off our chest but it didn’t really go that way.

Were you afraid at all to see KK?
Oh, absolutely not. No, I wasn’t afraid. If she wants to get nasty and ignorant then so be it but I wasn’t at all afraid. I’m not afraid of much, especially not of anyone who is human just like I’m human. I have no reason to be afraid of her. I would have liked for her to really finally sit down and put some truth on whatever her problem is because as of right now no one knows what her problem is or what’s really up with her so I’d like to sit down since we last seen each other she still has issues. She still has s–t to say. So I would just like to know what the deal really is. Like, why are you really mad? I wanted to know.

When the finale aired it seemed like things were good between you and KK but it seems like stuff changed. Where do you stand with KK?
Where do we stand? We don’t really stand anywhere. Like it’s constant, it’s just a really toxic situation. She can’t stand me, I don’t really think about her but she can’t stand me and she has voiced it several times, how much she dislikes me or hates me. I mean this is even in our day to day life, so there’s really no relationships or anything like that. I chose to allow my son, if there’s no positive relationships with me there’s definitely not gonna be a relationship with my son. You can’t say you hate me but, oh, [you] wanna see her your grandson. It can’t go that way.

Are you concerned at all that your son will one day be able to watch the show back and see his mother and his grandmother arguing and fighting on television?
I definitely worry about that, that’s why I take it as easy on her as I take it because I just feel like she kind of goes a lot harder than I go. I, kind of, just be like, whatever b—h. Not to call her a b—h on TV but…I’m kind of like, whatever because I do worry about him seeing [Love & Hip Hop.] King is a very very smart kid and he’s very intuitive. He’s very in tune with what’s going on around him so I just know if he sees that one day he’s gonna be very much aware of the negativity.

I don’t try to spare him from that but I can’t be responsible for her actions. You know it’s a lot of things that have happened and [they’ve] let’s me know that KK doesn’t really care about anything but herself. And she can’t really love King because of some of the things that she do. So I can’t control her actions, but I can control mine. And I feel like the best thing for me to do is stay away from her. I stay away from her even when she talks about everything she says on social media, I still let her have it. I don’t really say much back. I can, I can say a lot. I can rip into a whole bunch of truths because she tells a whole bunch of lies. I can really rip open a bunch of truths but I don’t cause I don’t want my son to be like, “Yo, mom, what was this about,” later on in his life.

Do you feel like you and Scrapp and KK and Tommie were all prepared for your situation to be aired on reality TV?
I’m gonna be honest, I feel like it’s not really much different because the conflict and the turmoil like, that’s real life for us and it’s sad. It’s the constant drama, the senseless drama. It constantly goes on. I was hoping if anything it would have, if people see themselves acting crazy on TV it would be an eye opener, like, “Wow this is how I really act?” or “Wow, I’m really going through this,” or “Wow, I’m really putting my family through this.” [I thought it] would really be a moment for everyone to step back and say, “Hey, you know what? I see where there’s an issue. Let me try to fix that” or let’s come together as a unit and let us talk.

The exact opposite happened, actually it was like everyone began acting crazier. It was like everyone either went more insane or start[ed] getting in their feelings more or hating more and it didn’t solve anything so with our unit it was never a resolution or there was never moments where it’s like, ok let’s gather and let’s hash out our differences. That never happened. It was the exact opposite for us. Everyone hates each other even more.

Do you think they thought of your “love triangle” as the new Stevie-Mimi-Joseline?
I definitely feel like it’s some of that but I feel like our storyline is nothing like theirs. The issue with me and Scrapp, like we weren’t together and because of everything I had already been through with KK and the constant drama with his family I can’t say that I was like, still super madly in love with Scrapp and wanted it to work.

I would love a family unit for my children that’s what I think anybody wants for their family, that’s supposed to be the norm. You know the family [with] the mother and father in the house. I would have liked that but it didn’t work out that way. So, as far as being in love with him and wanting him how Mimi was in love with Stevie, I really didn’t care about Scrapp that way anymore, if that makes sense. When everything happened with Tommie it was easy for me to let go. I felt betrayed and you know I’d been betrayed by Scrapp before. Scrapp’s not really a stand up person. Scrapp can’t really put people in their place like the way I feel like he should. Anybody should for their woman.

You know after going through so much with a person like you’re just, okay, that’s what it is. So, he can have he can have Tommie or Tommie can have him, whatever. In order for us to raise this baby on a healthy level you need to get a lot of the other toxic stuff out your life, that’s where I was coming from. I was kind of like, whatever happened with Tommie kind of happened with Tommie. If that’s the type of trash you want, I mean, be my guest like you and her can sit on a curb and get out of my life. But if you wanna have a positive impact on your son, you’re gonna have to fix your mom, and your s–t with Tommie, and fix it cause I’m tired of it being drama. People think that I was that scorned baby mama but it never went like that. I was never scorned or anything like that. It was just a lot [and] that was the last straw that made me say, “Hey, listen. Alright we’re not gonna work out, that’s cool, but we can’t keep putting our son in the middle of a whole bunch of stuff, like, all the fighting in front of the kid. Because there’s been fights in front of him in front of our son. There’s been a bunch of disagreements or heated agreements.” And so I said, “That’s enough. Like you gotta fix the toxic people that’s in your life if you wanna be around him.”

Do you feel any different about Tommie today after being through Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with her?
No, we didn’t need to have resolution. Tommie don’t have a kid by Scrapp. Tommie and Scrapp are, from what Scrap told me that since he’s been in jail, he’s not dealing with her and she’s not his type and he’s disappointed that she slept with Joseline and tried with his uncle. I’m not sure if she slept with his uncle or not but he actually told me he’s embarrassed you know he regrets everything with her. So there’s no need for resolution. It ain’t like Tommie is a stepmom, picking up my child. I would never let my child around her. So what’s the point of a resolution? We just don’t have to deal with each other.

So, you’ve been in touch with Scrapp since he’s been in prison?
I’m not gonna visit him and that’s only because I’m married, I’m with someone totally different. And I’m happy. So to bring that type of drama in in with Scrapp drama in my life, no, I’m not gonna go see him. I can’t. His son can see him whenever he likes. I would love for his son to see him but I’m not gonna go see him. Because there’s no need for me to go see him.

But you’re willing to facilitate those visits for King? Or would you let KK or SAS take your son to see Scrapp?
No, not KK and not his uncle but I would let Scrapp’s real girlfriend the one he would deal with, Erica his baby mama. I would let her take him. I recently let her get King and take King to a birthday party but I’m not letting his mom or SAS. I’ve heard in the past that SAS had said some things and I just don’t trust KK, like you can’t say you hate me then try to be around my child so, no, I will not. In fact, I feel like I don’t even have to deal with the bullshit with them anymore because my husband wants to adopt all of my children. So, you have a man that wants to do the right thing with your children and you don’t have to deal with that kind of bulls–t, so why deal with it?

Okay, so rewind, you got married? Explain, please. Did that happen while you were filming on the low, or did it happen in between the show wrapping and the reunion?
It’s something that happened in between filming and the reunion. Like, I kind of kept my husband private for a while like, even when we were dating I didn’t know how we would end up, with all the extra drama that’s going on. I decided, like, “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna be happy and I’m not gonna put energy into Scrapp’s drama or his mama drama. It’s the best thing that I’ve ever decided to do.

So, who is this person that you married? Can you tell us about him?
His name is Bryan and I’ve known him for a while. He was cool with one of my cousins. He’s great, he managed all these different artists like, Quiktrip and Rico Richie. Everyone knows about him in Atlanta. He’s a really really good guy.

What was the wedding like? Was it a big event or small? Court house?
We got married at the court. He has a probation officer who is not nice so she would not allow him to do a lot. She wouldn’t let him travel to the beach to get married like we wanted to and she wouldn’t even allow us to move in together until my background check came back clean. She is so difficult. We are planning a big ceremony soon on a beach, how I want it and we’ll have pictures.

What does he think of you being on Love & Hip Hop?
He hates it. He thinks that KK and Tommie are disrespectful. He’s like, I wish you had never had even had a baby by Scrapp. [He says,] “I’ll take care of your kids,” because he thinks that he thinks that a lot of people are disrespectful and he’s very overprotective of me for that so you know he just wants to protect me, basically. Not overprotective but he just wants to protect me. Them people, a lot of stuff that they say and that they do he just thinks it’s out of line and unnecessary but he’s supportive of the show and he likes the show within itself. He just don’t like nobody f–king with me.

If you wanted to come back would he be supportive? Would he come on the show with you?
Yes, he will, he’s been back and forth about it but he’ll be supportive and whatever, he’s like such a perfect guy. You know he has his flaws and whatever but as far as how supportive he is with me and how he helps me now, he’s really wanting to do whatever I want to do.

So, in the finale that you took a pregnancy test. What can you tell us about your pregnancy?
We’re expecting a baby on January [12th]. That’s why I’m like laying down now. I’m sleepy. Every day I’m so tired, I just kind of fall asleep.

Looking back on your drama with Karlie and Tommie this season, does it seem silly now?
Yes, it seems so silly. I was fighting over this guy that, and I wasn’t really fighting over him so let me clear that up, I wasn’t fighting over him but I was like into it with some people some women that’s not even on my level like these for real raggedy b—hes and desperate b—hes and thirsty b—hes and for a dude that wasn’t even on my level. Like I shouldn’t have been fighting with them over them. I should have just been like, from the moment that things transpire[d], “Alright b—hes ya’ll can have him.” That’s what it should have been, like you know what Plies say, “I introduce her to real and now he hate lame?” Like that’s how I feel. Like [my husband] introduced me to the real thing and now I hate that I ever dealt with any of them. I’ll hate that I ever even been in a circle with them b—hes, with Scrapp and everybody. That’s sad because I will want to have a decent friendship with Scrapp but he just did so much it’s like, okay, whatever.

Did the Karlie thing take you by surprise? Did you think you had developed an actual friendship with her?
I felt like Karlie, she’s so good at acting I felt that she was genuine and I hate that I was that stupid or that naive to think that, just knowing her track record or her history, I should have known that she it wasn’t genuine. I just feel like, “Okay, Karlie did you just try to get under so you can find information out to use against me for my child’s father? Because she was going back saying he said, she said between Karen, me and my [Scrapp] and I just hate that I trusted her.

Did you leave the show feeling like you formed any real friendships?
Ye, I love Mimi and Ariane. Like I know them, we speak on the phone often, we vibe well. I don’t feel like they’re so thirsty and like everybody on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is sleeping with I appreciate that Mimi and Ariane don’t have a bunch of friendly p—y like everybody else is literally just sleeping around with each other. Like, I’m at a loss for words how everybody is really like Tommie and Joseline f—king, and Stevie f—king, like everybody’s just sitting around there just so full of STDs and nasty bitches. I ain’t saying that they got STDs that’s just how I look at it.

But Mimi and Ariane, they’re genuine, they ain’t trying to get close to you so they can f–k your dude, in fact Mimi is very close to my husband now. Mimi has known my husband longer than I’ve known him. So that’s like her brother, you know, and I’m not worried about, you know, Mimi’s doing her gay thing so I’m not worried about Mimi trying to sleep with my husband, and my husband don’t want to sleep with Mimi. I don’t have to worry about that. I think they’re very genuine girls.

How did the situation J-Nicks come to be? Fans didn’t seem to buy your relationship. How did that timeline go with your new relationship?
I’ve known J-Nicks for years. I’ve been knowing him since I moved to Atlanta and we’ve always been friends. Nick always wanted to date me and had a crush on me so I thought I would try to give this good boy thing a chance because of everything I’d been through with Scrapp but I just wasn’t feeling it. I just couldn’t do it with him. I never slept with him before, of the 11 years I’ve known him, so even if I tried to date him I still feel like I can’t sleep with him because I wasn’t feeling him. I just felt like the whole time J-Nicks was liking me, my husband and I were just starting to date too and he was liking me but I was afraid that my husband had too many women so I just didn’t want to have another Scrapp situation but I just knew J Nick wasn’t the one. I kinda just felt like I didn’t give him an explanation like I owed him but I didn’t but I just kind of stopped talking to him.

And another reason why I stopped talking to him too just because I felt like me getting into it with Amber Priddy that was another whack ass Scrap moment like I should not be arguing with this b—h Amber. Like, Amber is so beneath me, as well, and I’ll be arguing with her and she’s like a prostitute stripper. Why am I arguing with her. So I just feel like why would I put myself through that again and then be involved with a bunch of turmoil with people who are clearly beneath me? All of these people are ignorant like most of them don’t have no education , no sense of responsibility [and] they’re like dying for an opportunity to catch their big break like even just coming on the show I had my s–t together even when I’m arguing with people. Like you are so beneath me. They’re stupid, most of them are just dumb, they can’t even form an intelligent sentence. First she has a pole attached to her ass. She’s been stripping since she was like 12 and still stripping at 50 so why would I even deal with J-Nicks if he deals with somebody like that. You lower my stock. So, I didn’t give him a reason why I stopped seeing him and I feel like I probably should have but I didn’t.

Now that you’re married and expecting another child would you come back to Love & Hip Hop?
I will but I would have to be confident in the fact that I’m so happy right now. I don’t want it to really affect me and my husband, you know what I mean? I really don’t want it to. I read that there’s already drama with him, and how would Scrapp feel when he comes home and he sees that there’s a man that loves King and steps in to take his place. There was a lot that he kind of worried about with the whole reality TV and the circle between Scrapp and [KK} and he worries about how respectful and caring he is and him not being able to stomach you know her mouth or some of the things she says so there’s a lot that goes into it especially you know how my husband feels.

I would do it and then try to keep my husband kind of like out of like out of the scene. Before we were married, of course he’s a man, he does well for himself financially so there’s been women in the picture and he’s doing good with just staying faithful and not dealing with one of these women. So I would hate for all of that to get brought up, and misbehaviors from him because I’m not gonna go through any of that like the s–t with Scrapp. So I would want to do it, I would just want to make sure that we’re secure in what we got going on. I don’t want no b—hes to be coming out the woodwork. No, I don’t want all that, no, I try not to act a fool so. That’s my fear I try so hard to not act a fool. But I love him so much like any bulls–t like what happened with Scrap happen again, I’m gonna snap.

If you came back, are you be prepared for the Tommie and the KK stuff to still be going on?
Yeah, dumb b—hes don’t bug me, dumb b—hes don’t bother me. I was fighting over a bum dude. Not to call my baby father a bum but I was fighting over a dude that wasn’t even worthy of having me in the first place. So they don’t bother me because they’re so beneath me like they’re really beneath me. KK is still out here stealing. So like you don’t even deserve a response from me. I never had to steal, nice credit, I’m in shape, I’m healthy I’m happy, my children are taken care of. I go and get them whatever they want. I don’t have to sit up there and fight for a dude that f–king Tommie and Karlie and you was trying to fuck me. So even if they try to do all of the stuff they did for another year straight that just shows how pathetic they are.

You have not evolved and you’re still gonna have to watch me win and my nice big house new house my husband bought me, and my nice new truck my husband bought me, and while while he takes care of a kid that they swear that they took care of all the time. B—h, when are you gonna grow? We’re growing over here. We’re growing, we’re winning.

Do you have any regrets about your first year on reality TV?
None at all. My only regret is that my husband didn’t come and sweep me off my feet sooner.