VH1 Baelypmics Will Have You Doing Handstands Into Max Whitlock’s DM

He's a very flexible gymnast. ?

For everyone who doesn’t understand how they score gymnastics, the rules of soccer or why synchronized swimming is considered an Olympic sport, one way to get through the obligatory ritual of watching the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is to ogle at all of the top-notch eye candy the world has to offer.

In our VH1 Baelympics series, we’re featuring one 2016 Olympian a day in all of their toned glory. Today, let’s take a look at Great Britain’s first male World Gymnastics Champ, Max Whitlock, whose ability is just as impressive as his abs are.

He’s a veteran of the Olympics

Max participated in the 2012 London Summer Games, and made his debut as an Olympian on his home turf. At age 19 he took home a bronze medal for Great Britain in Pommel Horse and Men’s Team Gymnastics. Coming off of a win at Worlds last year in Pommel Horse, you can guarantee he’ll have more eyes on him this Olympic Games.

He looks mad sexy in a suit

Any good Olympian knows that if you wanna capitalize on this fame right, you gotta rep some brands on Instagram. Max gave a shout out to Paul Smith for hooking him up with the suit he’s wearing in the photo above. He wears it so well, I can’t even be mad at him for trying to low-key advertise.

He’s engaged to be married next year

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1 year 0 days #Mr&MrsWhitlock @leahhickton

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I know, this is crushing news. But props to him for staying a one woman man when a ton of thirsty people are probably sliding into his DMs like crazy. Plus, you have to admit that they’re pretty adorable together. According to her Instagram, the two got engaged earlier this year after nine years of dating, which means they started dating when he was only fourteen-years-old!

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Christmas show at the gym! ❤️

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He’s watched all of Pretty Little Liars

Can this man get any more perfect? Hot, loyal and a fan of every millennial girl’s favorite guilty pleasure. According to an interview he did with iNews, he thinks the show is “pretty good,” but his favorite show of all time is Prison Break.

Make sure to follow Max on Instagram and Twitter for updates on his time in Rio and your daily dose of shirtless pictures.

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