Ashton Baumann Wins the 2016 VH1 Baelympics Gold Medal For Best Jawline

He represents Canadian men well, eh?

The Olympics always curates a lot of dime piece male swimmers, but Canadian Ashton Baumann takes it to a new level. He’s chiseled from jawline to toe, and the thought of him in a speedo is this close to convincing me to actually tune in to watch swimming events. He specializes in the breaststroke event, which is unfortunately not as sexual as it sounds. His dad, Alex Baumann, won two gold medals in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics for swimming, so it’s only natural that he step in the shoes of his old man. See for yourself why the 6’3″ Aquaman is so high on our bae-dar!

His bone structure’s on point.


It takes a special kind of person to look that flattering in a swim cap.

He puts Instagram models to shame when he wears a crop top and makeup.


I’m eagerly waiting for the day in men’s fashion when it’s acceptable to wear shirts that expose abs.

His dogs are adorable.


I will gladly be the stepmother of your doggies, Ashton.

Swimmer in the streets, superhero in the sheets.


If he’s team Marvel, I’m team Marvel.

He’s outdoorsy AF.


I sometimes buy trail mix at REI. We’re perfect for each other!

We basically have a Canadian Tarzan on our hands.


Too bad for him that swinging across the jungle on a rope isn’t an Olympic sport.

You can tell he’s really feeling himself in this one.


But I mean, can you blame him?

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