Here’s Proof That Sex Is the Most Competitive Sport at the Olympics

Will Rio’s athletes top the debauchery of years past?

By Natelege Whaley

Rio De Janeiro, home of the 2016 Summer Olympics, is painted as one of the sexiest places in the world. And it’s no secret that the Olympic Village is a world of sex on it’s own. One Olympic gold medalist estimates participation is anywhere from 70 to 75 percent each competition.

The setting this year could inspire more hookups than in the past. But the current health conditions in Rio may stop some athletes from living out their wet dreams. An outbreak of Zika, a disease that can be sexually-transmitted, has authorities warning people to abstain.

Rio ordered a record 450,000 condoms for athletes; enough condoms to protect every adult in Boston, Berlin or Sydney, Australia. even launched the “OOOHLYMPICS” campaign to encourage more self-pleasuring, with free premium memberships as an incentive.

Despite the risk, some athletes are bound to repeat epic proportions of naughty behavior similar to what went down at past games. With that said, here are some of the wildest Olympic sex stories ever told to date.

VH1 is partaking in this year’s 2016 Summer Olympics in the least sporty way we could conceive of. We’re highlighting the hottest male athletes going for the gold in Rio de Janeiro.

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