Lil Scrappy Feels Fans Shouldn’t Be Pressed About Frank Ocean’s Continuous Album Delays on VH1 Live!

"If something were to happen to you tomorrow, some of them are going to hang but the majority of them gonna be gone to the next."

Lil Scrappy joined Marc Lamont Hill on VH1 Live! to discuss Frank Ocean’s new album which was supposed to be released last Friday. Since the last time Frank Ocean dropped an album, Kanye got married and had two kids, President Obama was reelected, and we found out Rachel Dolezal was never even a black woman, so clearly this was the topic of discussion. Marc, who admittedly isn’t the biggest Frank Ocean fan, thinks Frank is a little messed up for leaving his fans hanging after all these years. Lil’ Scrappy, however, understands what it’s like to be an artist dealing with pushed back release dates and flip-flopping fans. He shares an anecdote about how his fans promised him their loyalty and fandom while he was screaming “No Problems,” but the love faded, only to return when he joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Scrappy says artists always aspire to put their “mursic” out by a certain date but hey, life happens.

Le sigh, there’s no choice but to wait. Until then….

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