“You Ran Up On Me And I Didn’t Press Charges”: Tammy Rivera Thinks Joseline Is Lame For Her Restraining Order Against Tommie

"Things all work out for a reason so who knows? I might've gone there, had a flashback, and smacked the s--t out of her."

Tammy Rivera has certainly been through a lot this year with the growing success of her swimwear line and the ups and downs of her marriage. This season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Tammy may not have had reunion rundowns like she did on season three, but she did have her fair share of fights. We caught up with Tammy to talk married life, her booming business, and of course the drama that has unfolded this season. It may be safe to say Tammy did not hold back in this exclusive interview.

Although Tammy didn’t have any run-ins with Joseline Hernandez this season, Tammy can’t help but feel bad for her and calls Joseline a “lost soul.” Don’t get it twisted, Tammy does feel that if she ran into Joseline at the reunion, new format or not, she might’ve “smacked the s–t out her.” She speaks on Joseline’s latest shenanigans, taking out a restraining order on fellow cast mate Tommie and explains that she was baffled by that since, as she puts it, “You ran up on me and I didn’t press charges on you.” Rivera is in a better place now so it probably is a good thing she didn’t see the baddest puta. While she’s over Joseline’s drama, Tammy does hope Joseline’s unborn child “brings her some couth and class.” Oop!

Take a listen to the interview. Despite the BS, Tammy is still out here working on T.Rivera, her marriage to Waka, and we may see her in Bambi’s wedding. Exciting!

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