James Franco’s New Hairstyle Will Make Your Face Melt and More Beauty News We Didn’t Need This Week

What's Riff Raff got to do with it?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what the hell James Franco is up to? Welp, here’s your latest update.

James has inexplicably dyed his hair pink, blonde and blue, according to a new Instagram post. We’re guessing this is a play on red, white and blue in light of the Olympics, a dye job gone wrong or, as his caption suggests, something he did because… Riff Raff?

James posted the following mirror selfie, showing off both his new style and the fact that he still has that mustache.
“ONLY in AMERICA ?????? RIFF RAFF (@jodyhighroller) video dropping soon!!!” James wrote in the caption. Beyonce, fix it.

  • Kendall Jenner admitted via her app that she once plucked out all of her eyebrows, causing not her, but her sisters to “flip OUT.” [MTV]
  • Calvin Klein is now selling t-shirts that reuse pictures from its early ’90s campaign featuring Kate Moss. The tees are ~controversial~, as the photos of Kate were deemed inappropriate at the time they were taken. Why? Because “heroin chic.” [Hypebae]
  • Chris Brown’s personal stylist FaceTimed him while being treated at Dr. Pimple Popper’s office. WARNING: This content is graphic and gross, but if you’re into pimple popping and all that good s—t, you’re going to love it.
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