J.R. Smith Is Married and Boy, Are We Gonna Miss His Single Man Antics

Like that time he refused to wear a shirt.

J.R. Smith officially tied the knot with Jewel Harris last night.

The Cleveland Cavalier and Harris were thought to have eloped in August of 2015, but in an interview with the NBA Players Association yesterday, Smith said that he had actually proposed to Harris last August.

Smith’s brother posted an Instagram with the caption “The Best man… #TeamswishWedding” on Monday night, and fellow Cavalier Tristan Thompson took to Instagram to congratulate Smith on “tying the knot.”

We’re happy for Smith and Harris for taking their love to the next level. Who doesn’t love a good wedding story (even if theirs was a little hard to follow)? But we’d also be lying if we said we wouldn’t miss Smith’s single man ways. Remember those? In case you need a refresher, here’s a quick recap of some of the best nonsense Smith’s been a part of as a single man.

  • “You trying to get the pipe?”

    A young fan called out Smith for seemingly offering her “the pipe” when she exposed a conversation she and Smith had over Twitter DM. The girl was in high school at the time and Smith apparently had no idea, attempting to distract from his comment by posting pictures of pipes.

  • That time he tweeted a picture of Tahiry’s butt.

    Getty Images

    Smith tweeted a picture of Tahiry’s butt in March of 2012, apparently without her knowing. Tahiry posted some lighthearted tweets about the photo, which sparked her ex, Joe Budden, to throw some subs at Smith on Twitter.

  • When he had to distract from the receipts Rihanna pulled on him.

    Rihanna put Smith on blast when she wrote to an Instagram user that Smith had been “hungover from clubbing every night during the playoffs” back when he was still with the New York Knicks. Hollywood Life published photos of Rihanna and Smith partying together in Manhattan back in May of 2013, and Smith later denied that going out and partying had any affect on his performances.

  • When he refused to wear a shirt.

    Smith and the Cavaliers partook in some much-deserved celebration after winning the 2016 NBA championship. During the festivities, Smith was spotted shirtless and for one reason or another, his shirt was also missing a couple days later.

J.R. might’ve caused a minor dust-up in Tahiry and Joe’s relationship, but this clip from the Season 4 reunion show was where things got real for the Love & Hip Hop stars.

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