There Is a Warrant Out for Tyga’s Arrest Right Now

What did T-Raww do?

It’s not a good day to be Tyga.

Kylie Jenner’s main squeeze is in hot water for not showing up in court Tuesday (August 9). In fact, he is in so much hot water that a judge put a warrant out for his arrest.

Here is what went down: Tyga was supposed to answer questions in court about his financial situation to his former landlord’s lawyers. According to TMZ, Tyga owes $480,000 in rent to his old landlord for a Malibu home he just straight-up stopped paying for. Tyga still hasn’t forked over the dough, and this hearing was supposed to get the tea on things.

But Tyga didn’t show up, leaving the landlord, lawyers and judge pissed. The judge issued what is called a “bench warrant,” which has possible behind-bars ramifications if Tyga doesn’t get his s–t together.

Lawyers for the landlord are trying to understand how Tyga can buy things like splashy cars for Miss Jenner but can’t remedy this outstanding debt. We’re sure he has a good explanation; he just has to give it. We’re rooting for you, T-Raww!

We’ll keep you posted, folks…

VH1 staffers bring Jenner and Tyga’s relationship timeline to life in the following video:

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