Bambi Is 100% Unbothered By This Season Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and 100% Focused On Marrying Lil Scrappy

"Personally, I would hope after we are married I would not have to do this show."

Bambi Benson is on cloud nine since her engagement to Lil’ Scrappy and no one is taking her down, bih.

This season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Bambi tried to mind her own B-I but it seemed like the drama followed her around. Although she put Scrappy in the dog house until he got his life together, the women around Scrappy would not let the Bamb live. Jessica Dime tried to swoop in and snag Scrappy for a date, not because she liked him, but just to annoy the ish out of the bamb. Betty Idol took jabs at Bambi any chance she could get. At the end of the day, Scrappy found his way home and the two are to begin a new journey as husband and wife. We caught up with Bambi to speak life after this season, her friendship with bestie Tammy Rivera, and to find out what’s next!

VH1: How are your wedding plans coming along?

Bambi: We haven’t really started planning. We just started talking about us needing to get started.

Do you have any dates in mind?

Yeah, we wanna do next July. For sure. That’s as far as we’ve gotten.

Do you know who you are going to ask to be bridesmaids?

It’s funny because we [were] throwing stuff out there yesterday, but I haven’t written anything down. I haven’t gotten a wedding planner. I haven’t done anything. We’ve just been kind of enjoying the summer a little bit.

How are the two of you enjoying your new home?

It’s amazing. I’m loving every second of it. Even though we’ve been so busy. We haven’t spent time at the house. We just been all over the place.

Do you think you would get married on television, or is it something that you would prefer to keep private?

I really don’t even know right now. Of course we thought about whether or not we wanted to get married on TV. There [are] a lot of pros and cons [either] way. But, we haven’t decided yet.

Looking back at the season, did you find it weird that you and Scrappy were kind of seeing other people?

Well to be honest, I haven’t watched because I don’t really even want to see. I don’t want to see him on a date with another person.

Did you know about Scrappy accepting a date with Jessica Dime?

I mean you know of course I’ve heard about it but…[Laughs]

We recently caught up with Tammy, who’s going through her own thing right now with Waka Flocka. Have you spoken to her? What’s your take on her separation?

Well, it’s really crazy because it’s a bittersweet time. Initially I felt a little guilty for me celebrating and being a little happy and she was going through her stuff, but you know Tammy’s a really strong person and she’s handling it very well. I still think that there’s hope for her and Waka because that’s her husband. She loves him and he definitely loves her. I feel like whatever it is, they can work through it. I’m just praying that they will work through it.

When Scrappy originally proposed to you, were you aware that it was gonna be on camera?

No, absolutely not. I was totally surprised by the whole thing and I didn’t have any idea at all.

How did your family and everybody react to it?

It was it was kinda crazy cause I didn’t even really get a chance to tell people. They just kinda found out. Like, within hours. So of course all my family [was] excited and happy but you know a little irritated that I didn’t get to call them and tell them first.

I know you didn’t watch the season, but were you irritated hearing people talk about Scrappy and Betty Idol or Scrappy and Jessica Dime?

Yeah. I was. I was annoyed by it because you know during that whole time where we weren’t together, I felt like he was trying to get back with me. So of course him telling me he wants to get back together and then me hearing that he’s talking and dating other people, that’s gonna be really annoying.

Had you heard of Betty Idol at all before the show?

I had never ever heard of her before.

So when you met Betty, it’s safe to say her “beef” with you was a surprise.

Yeah, it was a real surprise because I’ve never felt the need to, you know, get mad at a woman because I felt a certain kind of way about the guy who was feeling her. That was strike one, the biggest fail ever. Should’ve just left me alone maybe she would’ve had a better chance.

Would you consider your “beef” squashed with Betty after the reunion?

As soon as the reunion was over she went back to her Instagram antics, so you know how that is.

Do you think she did that to be petty or just to put on a show?

For some reason, most of the women that Scrappy ever deals with, they become, like, really obsessed with me. They always have to — out of nowhere — have something to say about me and it’s really kinda scary [laughs].

Was there any resolve at all with Betty and D. Smith?

No, and the reason why is because initially I had never seen this girl before, never spoken to her or anything. She just had so much to say about me when I wasn’t even in her presence. Then on the reunion she tried to say at a fashion show I was mugging her or looking at her crazy but the crazy thing about it is [she was talking about me] before she even got into the fashion show. They showed her in the car before she came t talking s—t about me so it’s like she was just trying to find a reason to justify the hate she had for me which was really ridiculous.

What was your take on what Scrappy’s comments towards the transgender community?

I agree with him totally and I feel like maybe he didn’t articulate it in a way where people would understand what he was saying. I totally feel like people will have a right to know who they’re dealing with because if a man wanted to deal with another man then that’s fine, but if you’re gonna be tricked in the situation then that’s not cool.

I know you and D. Smith got into it before. Were you able to understand where she was coming from after the fact?

No, actually not, because initially like I said I’m the person who introduced her to everybody and I don’t understand where her animosity came from either. They got on this show just to create drama with everybody around them. I don’t really respect that.

So just to be clear your issue with D. Smith isn’t with how she identifies herself?

Oh, absolutely not. And like I said before, there were people in the transgender community who reached out to me after that whole episode aired and had my back basically because she was being a bully.

How’s your relationship now with Momma Dee in real life?

I feel like we’re always good in real life. But you know TV is a whole ‘nother thing, so.

Did it bother you at all hearing or seeing Momma Dee take Betty’s side?

Yeah it definitely did. Especially because in real life she knows how much I have her son’s back. To see that was just kinda like “oh wow.” It was a little annoying for her to have somebody’s back that hasn’t ever done anything for her son at all.

Why do you think she decided to be a little extra for television?
I have no idea. I’m still trying to figure that out right now [laughs]. ’Cause I’m pretty sure people would respect the authenticity of that relationship a lot more than you know people just coming at me for no reason.

Is there a part of you that feels like your relationship would be better if you stopped doing reality TV?

Oh, absolutely. There’s no doubt that we don’t start having real issues until TV time. Until it’s time to start filming, you know, we’ve been together a couple years and there’s never been another girl that pops up until time to film.

Do you think after you get married, the two of you will be done with reality TV?

I hope so. Personally, I would hope after we are married I would not have to do this show. I truly do not feel that at this time Love & Hip Hop represents what our Love & Hip Hop story is.

Have you and Scrappy discussed having children at all?
Yes, we discussed having children. We’re trying to decide because I really don’t want to be like pregnant at my wedding and I don’t really care if I get pregnant now but we’re just going to have to probably have a later date for our wedding. We’re definitely working on that part too.

Have you spoken to Erica Dixon at all about what your role in Emani’s life is gonna be now?

No, I honestly don’t feel that it’s my place to reach out to her. If I had a child and he had a relationship with another person it would be my place to reach out to that person and break the ice basically.

Have you tried to get Scrappy to mediate something between the two of you?

No, That’s not really his style. He’s not really a mediator.

You’ll basically cross that bridge with Erica when you get there.

Yeah like when and if it happens it will, but I don’t even think she’s probably mentally ready for that anyway. It’s kinda too real for her, so.

But you haven’t communicated with her at all?

No. Absolutely not.

What’s next for the Bamb?

Definitely [my Shimmer] business has been growing for a little over a year so I’m proud of that. It’s really solid and stable and the girls are loving it and I’m really and truly proud to say that I have a great product. Hopefully I can be around for a whole lot longer and just expand the whole shimmer brand.

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