Olympic Bae Alex Ranghieri’s Instagram Is a Thirst Trap Treasure Trove

His serve alone is enough to make your pulse stop.

Alex Ranghieri is the Baelympic athlete you didn’t know was ace-ing your heart. Ranghieri is an Olympic beach volleyballer and professional “net patroller” who hails from Pordenone, Italy. He’s six and a half feet of tan, muscled beauty and his serve alone is enough to make your pulse stop.

Ranghieri is our Olympic bae of the day and we’re giving him a gold medal for his A+ Instagram thirst traps. Get to know this Baelympic stunner below and come back tomorrow for more coverage of hot, sweaty men at the 2016 Olympics.

  • He knows how to handle ~the ball(s)~.

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    And we don’t know how to handle those abs.

  • He’s into personal hygiene and that kind of stuff.

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    Which means he probably never has morning breath.

  • He’s really good at multi-tasking.

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  • And is a modern-day philosopher in the making.

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    I’d get lost with you, AR.

  • He’s into sending secret messages.

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    With his big, strong hands.

  • He’s definitely a family guy.

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    Like the good Italian boy he is.

  • And a gentleman.

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    Chivalry is not dead.

  • Did we mention he has killer abs?

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    *fans herself*

Follow Alex Ranghieri on Instagram for more sultry pics, and watch as VH1 staffers talk about the hottest Olympic athletes in the clip below.