VH1 Baelympics 2016: Nils Petersen Is the Selfie King And We’re so Into it

Stay up off [his] Instagram, pure temptation.

German footballer Nils Petersen slays in soccer games and the selfie game. The striker for SC Freiburg (whatever that means) is playing for team Germany in this year’s Olympic Games, so you best believe a bunch of thirsty Americans (me) will pretend to care about soccer for a hot minute just to watch this man sweat. Luckily for people out there who can’t identify a soccer ball, judging from his Instagram, he’s also a stellar selfie taker that we can all learn a few lessons from. Sit back, take notes and enjoy.

In one picture, he’s able to send the message: I’m hot and I fly around in a dope plane
You can assume that olympians have these kinds of perks, but seeing them for yourself makes it that much more real.

He gives a casual shout out to his team
It’s not certain whether he’s trying to uplift his personal brand or that of SC Freiburg’s, but either way this picture is benefiting both parties.

He likes other sports too!
Looking at this picture of Petersen’s beautiful face and an action shot of his friend golfing, you get the idea that he’s a versatile athlete. He’s the perfect wingman on the golf course if you ever need to persuade a bunch of old white dudes to do business with you.

He’s not afraid to grab a fruity drink with you
Men that are so insecure in their masculinity that they always feel the need to drink whiskey on the rocks Mad Men-style should to chill out and grab a damn daiquiri. That doesn’t seem to be an issue for Nils or any of his fione teammates, who are gladly repping a drink that incorporates at least four fruits.

Nils is all about that holiday cheer
While he should definitely take a look at Pinterest before decorating his next tree, this selfie still has an “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey aesthetic.

He’s shameless enough to snap a selfie during an interview
This Kardashain-style tactic of documenting indicators of your fame in order to make yourself more famous is genius. Don’t ever change, Nils!

Can’t get enough of the Baelympics? Check out the video below!

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