5 Reality TV Fights Started By Someone’s Left Hand

Everybody knows left handers have more fun. #HappyNationalLeftHandersDay

Anyone who is left-handed understands the minor struggles of ink rubbing off on your hand when you write, trying to cut with right-handed scissors and righties using your dominant hand as a topic of conversation. However, being left-handed is a fun quirk nonetheless, and finding fellow lefties always sparks a second of camaraderie. To celebrate National Left Handers Day, we put together five instances on reality television in which someone uses their left hand to start a fight. Enjoy!

  1. The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha grabs Kenya Moore’s hair

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    The infamous reunion fight that got Porsha kicked off of The Real Housewives of Atlanta got physical when Porsha snatched Kenya’s hair with her left hand. She dragged her to the floor too, so you best believe the left hand shouldn’t be messed with.

  2. The Real World: Portland: Nia Moore hits Johnny Reilly with a blowdryer

    Nia followed the first rule of fighting someone bigger than you: come armed. She walked around the house like she was stalking some prey, blowdryer in left hand, and waited outside a room until Johnny came out like a straight up lioness. His girlfriend, Averey Tressler, threw herself into the fight, but not before Nia was able to put her blowdryer to good use.

  3. Basketball Wives: Tami Roman’s claws come out when Evelyn tells her she slept with her ex-husband

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    When Evelyn broke the news that she dated Tami’s ex, Kenny Anderson for six months and slept with him while the two were still married, she claimed that she didn’t know he had a wife. Tami called Evelyn out on the BS, but the woman insisted she was telling the truth. Eventually, Evelyn got aggressive with Tami, telling her she was “a non motherf–kin’ factor,” and in response, Tami’s left hand was the shot heard around the world.

  4. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Tiarra threw a drink on Tommie, starting their season-long war

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    You can bet that Tommie came ready to fight when she basically told Tiarra she was a bad mother and that she was sleeping with her baby daddy Scrapp. However, it was Tiarra who made their screaming match physical when she threw a drink on her with her left hand, which is the equivalent of throwing the first punch on reality TV.

  5. The Real Housewives of New York City: Aviva Drescher pulls off her prosthetic leg in a fight with Heather Thomson

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    Okay, technically this involved her left leg and not her left hand, but how could we not include this iconic fight?

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