Check Yourself: Ain’t Nothing Changed Since Last Season, Brandi Still Calls Moniece A “Bad Mom”

"Go save your bulls--t victim story for someone who actually wants to purchase it. I'm sure you'll get no sales."

The beef between Moniece and Lil Brandi that went down last season at the reunion in New York hopped on a plane and followed them to Hollywood.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Lil Brandi and Moniece revisit B’s criticism of Momo’s motherhood. The two were supposed to play nice at Nia Riley’s “Mommies & Mimosas” event but it quickly turned into a screaming match. Brandi isn’t phased by Moniece or her threats and still thinks she’s a bad mother. Meanwhile, Moniece is, still, very adamant about dragging Brandi or as she so eloquently put it, “dog walking her.” Through it all, Shanda just feels a way that she went to a “Mommies & Mimosas” event and couldn’t even enjoy a damn mimosa with all that arguing. (I’d be tight too, girl.)

Shanda not only couldn’t relax at the event, but the news that there’s a potential homewrecker in her presence has her skressed. Not sure if her allegations are true or not but child, Shanda’s eye roll game is serious. Meanwhile, Willie acts like this woman who popped out of the woodwork is the scum under his shoe.

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