Laverne Cox Just Made Major TV History Because She’s a Badass Queen

Cox's newest gig is a milestone for her and transgender actors.

Congratulations are in order for Laverne Cox because she landed a role as a powerful lawyer in the upcoming CBS legal drama Doubt. She’s looking forward to her superbly stylish new costumes, but that’s not what we’re celebrating. This role is a milestone because it makes Cox the first transgender woman to be a series regular on network television.

Cox will still appear on Orange Is the New Black and she’s also set to star in Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show remake. She spoke about balancing these three roles at Doubt’s 2016 TCA Summer Press Tour.

“Oh god, that has been very tricky. We’re trying to figure out when I get back to New York to shoot some more Orange,” she said. “That’s still a work in progress, but I’m so blessed that they really wanted to keep writing for Sophia over at Orange and that we have brilliant writers writing for Cameron here.” Cox referred to her recent successes as “an embarrassment of riches,” and gushed about how grateful she is to be, “doing work that I love.”

“I visualized it, I dreamed it. I think you have to begin to manifest things before they happen and so I dreamed about it and I worked towards this moment for a really long time,” Cox said, channeling her inner Beyonce.

Sounds like the good people over at CBS got in formation with Cox’s dreams. We can’t wait to watch her slay all day alongside Katherine Heigl, Steven Pasquale and more.

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