Shanda Comes Face to Face with the Woman Who Says She’s Willie’s Mistress

"If it's true, I'm dealing with my husband. This b---h don't owe me s--t."

Willie Taylor’s old things really tries it when she steps to Shanda in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight.

Shanda is minding her business in her studio session when Kyesha, Willie’s old fling pulls up to share some not so good news. She comes with a folder full of evidence to show Shanda just how faithful her man is. Men lie, women lie, but screenshots don’t, which is exactly the proof Shanda needs to know this isn’t just another thirsty chick looking for a come up.

Hold up though! (Hand in your face emoji.) Just because Shanda knows the texts and pics sent to Kyesha did come from Willie, doesn’t mean she needs to let Kyesha know that. When Kyesha drops the bomb that Willie was creeping on Shanda while she was pregnant, Shanda takes the high road and keeps it calm. Please believe though, this isn’t over.

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