We’re Giving Novak Djokovic the DILF Gold Medal For the 2016 VH1 Baelympics

This tennis icon is serving nothing but hotness.

Novak Djokovic is one of the biggest tennis stars in the world. Currently ranked number one in men’s singles, the Serbian Olympian sure knows what he’s doing with his body. Novak has appeared on tons of late night talk shows, in music videos and even had a cameo in a Hollywood movie. He’s basically the Serbian, tennis playing version of LeBron James, so how could we not drool over him? From being a dad to getting down with Serena Williams, see why we think Novak Djokovic is to die for.

Him and his son will make your heart melt
Cuteness everywhere.

He gets down with Serena Williams
Champions gotta stick together, am I right? I bet she “ain’t sorry” for busting a move with her fellow badass tennis player.

It’s not very often that someone is equally as cute as their dog
I would’ve never pegged him as a poodle guy.

Novak’s not afraid to make fun of himself
Somehow he made taking a picture with a picture of himself not look self-absorbed.

Even with all of his accomplishments under his belt, Djokovic still shares the glory with his parents
Doesn’t this picture make you feel like you should call your mom?

He’s a global ambassador for UNICEF
Men who give back to the world are the sexiest type of men.

Watch our video below to see what people think of the hottest Olympians of the 2016 games!

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