Jurassic World Breaks Box Office Records + More News to Kick Off Your Monday

Plus, find out how the Olsen twins spent their birthday and what actress left a waiter a very generous tip.

As if you expected anything less, Jurassic World came out this weekend and delivered dinosaur-sized box office results. The film grossed an estimated $511.8 million worldwide, making it the first film to ever take in more than $500 in one weekend. The power of Chris Pratt, ladies and gents. [BuzzFeed]

And if that’s not exciting enough for you, there’s more @prattprattpratt news: The actor has signed on for a sequel to Jurassic World, The Washington Post reports.

  • Queen of Sunshine Taylor Swift took a break from touring to fly to Los Angeles and throw her best friend Jaime King a baby shower. And of course she invited all of her famous pals, including Sarah Hyland and Joey King. This Instagram post will give you some serious FOMO.
  • [Instagram] https://instagram.com/p/37SjlPjvBm/?taken-by=taylorswift

  • Looks like someone’s looking out for Flavor Flav. The VH1 favorite was busted last 4th of July for setting off 100 pounds of illegal fireworks, but his case was thrown out due to lack of information.
  • [TMZ]

  • In other bizarre AF legal news, a “former friend” of Mila Kunis named Kristina Karo dropped her lawsuit against the actress for stealing her chicken when they were children. The Ukranian singer says her therapist taught her to forgive, which is why she’s not pursuing any more legal action. This story is almost as good as Kristina’s music video for “Give Me Green Card.” Almost. [The Washington Post]
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