Bish, What?: Amber Rose Says 50 Cent Gave Her 60 Seconds To Accept An Offer To Be On Power

"I'm not one of these convenient a-- b---hes. I got a schedule!"

When guest O.T. Genasis gives a shout out to 50 Cent, Amber Rose shares a pretty hilarious story about her experience with the “Candy Shop” rapper in this Amber Rose Show highlight. Amber claims that 50 Cent offered her a role on the show Power, but told her he needed an answer from her in the next minute. Obviously, Amber was turned off by the demand, and says she’s too busy with work and her child to not check with her people before accepting an offer. O.T. Genasis defends 50, saying that he was probably just cracking jokes and “has a personality that people don’t really understand.” Who’s down for some 50 Cent stand-up?

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