Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star Nikki Mudarris Mourns The Death Of Her Brother, Omar

Nikki revealed that her brother passed away on June 13th from drug-related causes.

Our hearts go out to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Nikki Mudarris and her family today, after Nikki revealed on Instagram that her 28-year-old brother, Anthony Omar Mudarris, passed away. Nikki revealed that the death was drug-related but gave no additional details. Nikki’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Mally Mall is taking the death hard as well, and he’s posted his own tributes to Omar as well. We’re sending all our love to Nikki in this tough time. #RIPOMAR

“Words can’t describe pain I feel. I lost the only brother I ever had at 28 years old yesterday. How. Why. I’ll never understand. He was such a Good person but the drugs took over his body and he left us. He had inner demons nobody could understand. I wish I could have said more done more helped more but he refused help and pushed us all away. I never thought I would see the day I say bye to my brother taking his last breath holding his hand and kissing him good bye. God knows his heart was made of gold and he didn’t mean any harm. Please Allah find the strength to help my family and I with this emptiness and pain. I feel so numb I can’t imagine moving on and life going on. I don’t know where life goes from here. Please God help me and give me strength to pick up the broken pieces in my heart. #RIPOMAR 3.23.87- 6.13.15 love you with all my heart I hope now you are not suffering and you are watching me like the angel I know you are. I wish I could give my last breath to bring you back. They say life isn’t guaranteed and never to take for granted but I never saw this day Saying good bye. I never experienced death and I don’t know how to handle this pain God help me please may you finally rest in peace no more pain no more suffering.”
“#ripomar I love u brother 4 ever you will always be with us no matter what.. U always checked on me always had my back threw thick & thin… This has me in total disbelief its going to be hard to recover from this …. @missnikkiibaby & moms the whole family I love you guys and I’m going 2 hold u down no matter what.. I’m so sorry I can’t understand why…. But rest well in Gods hands my brother we will always think of you.”

UPDATE [6/17/15]: Nikki added the following message to her fans on Wednesday:

“My heart is literally numb and in disbelief. I don’t know why or how but I like to think God doesn’t make mistakes and instead he needed and angel. My brother had a heart of gold and I think that God didn’t want him to suffer or else he would still be here. I wonder what happens after you have left us but I’m praying everyday that you are peaceful. No more pain. I hope and pray you are watching our family and help us make it through. I wish I could have said or done more. I wish I was around more but I feared you not knowing how the drugs would effect you and I couldn’t watch you self destruct it broke my heart. Please cherish those around you. Life is too short to be pity and bitter over pain and hurt. I put all the hurt behind me and even wish those who hate me well. #keepmybrothersafeAllah thank you to the fans and everyone for the love and support to my family. It makes me feel not alone in this time, I am forever grateful to you all. I want to try and help anyone in this pain however I can, nobody is alone.”