Daryl Homer Is Bringing the Woke and Sexy to the Baelympics

And he's not too bad at fencing either.

American fencer Daryl Homer became the first American to win silver in the men’s individual sabre event at the Olympics in 112 years, so he’s kind of a big deal. Outside of him kicking butt and taking names, he uses his platform to voice his opinion about racial injustices in America. He’s most def the type of guy people beg to tie down — in both senses of the phrase, and here are the receipts to prove it.

  • Where can I get in line to pour syrup off his abs?

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  • His patriotism is so sexy.

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  • When bae cares about leading the next generation it’s time to make it official.

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  • He has friends in high places.

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  • He’s passionate about making a tangible change for Black Americans.

  • He gives friendly reminders that issues that cease to dominate the news cycle still exist.

  • He takes care of his momma.

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    [item That smile is everything.
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To see more of this wonderful woke man head over to his Instagram to be enlightened.

Watch the video below for more Baelympics fun and games!

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