Miley Cyrus Launches #InstaPride to Highlight Stories of “Transgender and Gender Expansive People”

Find out more about Miley's Humans of New York-inspired endeavor.

Miley Cyrus took to Instagram this morning to announce the launch of something spectacular.

The Happy Hippie Foundation’s leading lady debuted #InstaPride, a Humans of New York-inspired effort in conjunction with Instagram to highlight the “stories of resilience” of “transgender and gender expansive people from around the country.”

The first in the two week-long series is Leo, a 19-year-old “writer, a filmmaker in the works, a sometimes photographer, a good public-speaker, a social media junkie” and more, who identifies as a trans man.

Miley hinted at a collaboration with Caitlyn Jenner late last week, and with today’s announcement of #InstaPride, we can’t help but wonder if the two have linked up for this effort. Transgenderism and gender identity are major topics in our country right now, especially following Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover. Many of us, including me, are still learning the vocabulary with which to talk about these subjects, and #InstaPride seems like a step in the right direction towards helping those who want to understand this topic better.

Happy Motivational Monday.

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