Tiny’s Not Buying What a Psychic Medium Is Selling in the T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle Sneak

"I'm not convinced. It seems like our line to the other side is a bad connection."

In an effort to contact her deceased relatives, Tiny turns to a medium in this Family Hustle sneak peek.

Tiny is curious to see if she can get in touch with her late nephew Popcorn and her father through Sloan, the medium. Sloan is seemingly off when she calls Popcorn a good communicator and then asks if a baby is going to be born. TIny’s like, nah. [This was filmed way before Princess Heiress.] To continue throwing ish at the wall to see if it sticks, Sloan asks Tiny’s mother, Dianne, if she’s moving. Of course, Momma Dianne has no idea what Sloan is talking about but if she “sees” it, it must be true? Eh, but probably not.

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