Moniece Says She’s In a Relationship with a Woman, Says She’s Better at Sex Than Rich Dollaz

"I adore my girlfriend, and she does it better than [Rich] ever did, so."

Moniece Slaughter always keeps us on our toes. The singer and Love & Hip Hip Hollywood star opened up about her new relationship on Instagram this past weekend, and, well, it’s with a woman.

In a series of videos, Moniece said she has a girlfriend and she’s happy.
In the first video, Moniece said she’s recovering from her breast augmentation and her girlfriend reportedly sent her flowers to make their relationship official, Moniece wrote, “AAAAWWWWWW I love her. I was pouting because I want what I want when I want it. She’s been right by my side and she’s been my biggest lesson and an even bigger blessing. I’m learning that I can’t rush love or expect someone to feel what I feel as deeply as I do. Or at the same time as I do. She remembered in general conversation that i’d mentioned these are my favorite flowers and my favorite color. So this was how she asked me. And I love it because it was so thoughtful and so simple and this all I want. Time. Attention. Emotional awareness. And simplicity. Because it requires thought. I’m officially off the market.”

In a second, now deleted video, in response to people questioning Moniece’s sexuality, she explains that this is not for a storyline on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, “Tried to find an interview I did years ago with @vladtv but none the less. I am. I have always been. A bi-sexual woman. It’s not new to my family although I always denied it out of fear of judgement and criticism. I grew up SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). Very religious and while I know my family loves me despite our ups and downs; I was taught growing up that homosexuality was/is a sin. It was frowned upon. However, because my family loves me. And has met her. They see that for the first time in a long time. I’ve made a great decision in who I’ve chosen to give myself to. And invite into my son’s world. Their world. And my own. Any man I’ve dated, is made aware in the beginning that I am bisexual. She has nothing to do with a STORY. Everything to do with my LIFE. If you’re one of the less accepting, we respect that. Please respectfully depart.”

On the VH1 Live! after show, Moniece opened up about her new relationship, saying that she “switched teams” after a messy breakup with the man she dated, after Rich Dollaz. She shared that her current relationship isn’t her first same sex situation, and that her ex-girlfriend actually introduced her to her current girlfriend.

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