Wait. A. Minute. Are Cyn Santana and Joe Budden Dating? The Internet Is In Shambles

K, but they are kinda a good-looking couple tho.

Have rapper Joe Budden and Cyn Santana coupled up? The two former stars of Love & Hip Hop have been awfully comfortable, and the blogs have been watching.

About three weeks ago, Cyn posted a photo of her with Joey B sitting by the pool that got people talking. Cyn wrote, “When the vibes are good, the times are fun @JoeBudden.”

Then the two were spotted on together at Six Flags amusement park.

Aiight, so it looks like a date, but then there was a series of Tweets, where the two were flirting like youngens.

Then Cyn posted a picture of her and Joe last night of Joe’s face nuzzled into her neck. I mean, they actually look adorable.

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Basically, the internet is dying. There are two camps, people who think Cyn can do much better than Joe and people who think Joe is the man for snagging a beauty like sometimes comedian, sometimes rapper Cyn.

So, then this is a thing? Are they going to appear on Love & Hip Hop together? No word yet from any of their exes: Erica Mena, Kaylin Garcia, or Tahiry Jose.

In this moment from Couples Therapy, Kaylin opened up about Joe being in love with both her and Tahiry.

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