This Man Dropped Some Major Coins For a Butt That Puts Kim Kardashian’s to Shame (NSFW)

And more beauty news we didn't need this week.

Boston-based body piercing artist Joey Prixx has been open on Instagram about his quest for the perfect “fake bubble butt.” It seems as though Prixx finally got what he wanted when he went under the knife earlier this year for some costly new cakes because, as he says, #PlasticMakesPerfect.

Prixx’s new derriere has garnered a lot of attention as of late for its size and shape—especially in relation to the rest of his body. Some are comparing it to Kim Kardashian’s famous behind because, well, see why for yourself here in the following NSFW ’gram.
Prixx is no stranger to going under the knife. He’s reportedly spent $60,000 on 24 lip procedures, 15 cheekbone fillers, five nose procedures, two brow lifts, one sweat gland removal, his butt implants and one upper arm tattoo removal, as well as 50 sessions of Botox. And he’s proud of them all.
“Those who know me know I’m on a journey of building what I see as perfect & I love what I’ve done with my blank canvas, & I live to spread the message of be you,” Prixx wrote on Instagram. “I love that so much of me is fake. I love that I sparkle from all angles. I love that I make people feel better about themselves ? I am so happy with who I am, what I do for others & where life has brought me.”

Gotta admire this man for owning his sparkle. Someone get him a Paper Magazine cover STAT.

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