This Infographic of Female Olympians’ Bodies Proves Women Can Succeed at Any and All Sizes

Let's hear it for the ladies.

Vogue published an article earlier this week on sexism at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The article, titled “The Most Egregious Sexist Fails at the 2016 Olympics,” was a reminder that despite the overwhelming success of female Olympians like Simone Biles or Katie Ledecky, female athletes are subject to scrutiny in a way that men are not.

One of the most criticized aspects of a woman in 2016 is her body. Is she too fat? Too thin? Is her butt fake? Should she be allowed to have an abortion? These are just some of the common questions and problems posed—often by other women—in relation to the female body. But as us ladies know all too well, we are so much more than our bodies because, after all, the body has limits that the mind does not.

VH1 is shedding light on the varying body sizes of female Olympians competing in Rio this month to prove that success can be attained regardless of size, shape or weight. We put together the following graphic, complete with the sport, home country, height and weight of a variety of Olympic athletes like Brittney Griner, Claressa Shields, Adeline Gray and Simone Biles. All body types should be celebrated, after all.

Check out our graphic here.

Watch as VH1 staffers talk about the hottest Olympic athletes at Rio 2016 in the video below.

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